“Breathe brush” by Kim and Choi

  • ©Young-Mi Kim and Jong-Soo Choi



Entry Number: 21


    Breathe brush



    This paper is about the study on an artwork, a black-and white drawing that has been expressed through a digital algorithm. Black-white drawings were popular during the Chosun era (1392–1910) reigned by kings and officials. The Oriental fine art, pursuing harmony with nature, is expressed in a moderate and restrained way, hence anyone would find it very soft and thus readily acceptable. Unlike the western paintings that fill the canvus to the very full, the oriental paintings treat even the blank space as a part making up a balanced painting. This artwork features Daegum, the decent traditional musical instrument which used to be played in loyal palaces or guest rooms of prestigious officials’ residences, and a bamboo which was a frequent motive of gentlemen’s paintings in the past. Daegum and the bamboo, expressed in a modern style in this work, make people appreciate the life that is full and rich. So, one can say they have been used here to make this “well-being art.”

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