“BRDF display” by Koike and Naemura

  • ©Takafumi Koike and Takeshi Naemura

  • ©Takafumi Koike and Takeshi Naemura




    BRDF display



    We propose a BRDF display that reproduces the textures of a light field. Conventional displays are now high-definition (HD). HDdisplays are ideal in terms of their excellent resolution. This, of course begs, the questions of whether resolution is the most important factor when judging the quality of a display? If we think of displays as optical reproducers of real objects or environments, it is important to reproduce the light transport of real objects or environments. If we think of light transport, resolution is only one of the parameters in representing light transport. A light field has four components: two parameters give positions and two parameters give directions of light transport.


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©Takafumi Koike and Takeshi Naemura

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