“Bilateral texture filtering” by Cho, Lee, Kang and Lee

  • ©Hojin Cho, Hyunjoon Lee, Henry Kang, and Seungyong Lee




    Bilateral texture filtering

Session/Category Title:   Image Tricks




    This paper presents a novel structure-preserving image decomposition operator called bilateral texture filter. As a simple modification of the original bilateral filter [Tomasi and Manduchi 1998], it performs local patch-based analysis of texture features and incorporates its results into the range filter kernel. The central idea to ensure proper texture/structure separation is based on patch shift that captures the texture information from the most representative texture patch clear of prominent structure edges. Our method outperforms the original bilateral filter in removing texture while preserving main image structures, at the cost of some added computation. It inherits well-known advantages of the bilateral filter, such as simplicity, local nature, ease of implementation, scalability, and adaptability to other application scenarios.


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