“Band-Sifting Decomposition for Image-Based Material Editing” by Boyadzhiev, Bala, Paris and Adelson

  • ©Ivaylo Boyadzhiev, Kavita Bala, Sylvain Paris, and Edward H. Adelson




    Band-Sifting Decomposition for Image-Based Material Editing

Session/Category Title: IMAGE & SHAPE MANIPULATION




    Photographers often “prep” their subjects to achieve various effects; for example, toning down overly shiny skin, covering blotches, etc. Making such adjustments digitally after a shoot is possible, but difficult without good tools and good skills. Making such adjustments to video footage is harder still. We describe and study a set of 2D image operations, based on multiscale image analysis, that are easy and straightforward and that can consistently modify perceived material properties. These operators first build a subband decomposition of the image and then selectively modify the coefficients within the subbands. We call this selection process band sifting.

    We show that different siftings of the coefficients can be used to modify the appearance of properties such as gloss, smoothness, pigmentation, or weathering. The band-sifting operators have particularly striking effects when applied to faces; they can provide “knobs” to make a face look wetter or drier, younger or older, and with heavy or light variation in pigmentation. Through user studies, we identify a set of operators that yield consistent subjective effects for a variety of materials and scenes. We demonstrate that these operators are also useful for processing video sequences.


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