“Automatic selection of level-of-detail based on just-noticeable-difference (JND)” by Cheng and Boulanger

  • ©Irene Cheng and Pierre Boulanger

  • ©Irene Cheng and Pierre Boulanger




    Automatic selection of level-of-detail based on just-noticeable-difference (JND)



    In this poster we discuss our work on relating the perception of Level-of-detail to the size of features in a displayed 3D object, for applications in online visualization. The distance between grid-points on a display device has been used in the literature to define the smallest inter vertex distance below which vertices need not be inserted to a refined version [Red01]. We will introduce a perceptual metric to predict the perceptual impact on the human visual system (HVS) when refining a mesh, and show how limited network resources, e.g. bandwidth, can be utilized efficiently by stopping mesh refinement before reaching the threshold imposed by the display device resolution.


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