“Automatic reconstruction of B-spline surfaces of arbitrary topological type” by Eck and Hoppe

  • ©Matthias Eck and Hugues Hoppe




    Automatic reconstruction of B-spline surfaces of arbitrary topological type



    Creating freeform surfaces is a challenging task even with advanced geometric modeling systems. Laser range scanners offer a promising alternative for model acquisition—the 3D scanning of existing objects or clay maquettes. The problem of converting the dense point sets produced by laser scanners into useful geometric models is referred to as surface reconstruction. In this paper, we present a procedure for reconstructing a tensor product B-spline surface from a set of scanned 3D points. Unlike previous work which considers primarily the problem of fitting a single B-spline patch, our goal is to directly reconstruct a surface of arbitrary topological type. We must therefore define the surface as a network of B-spline patches. A key ingredient in our solution is a scheme for automatically constructing both a network of patches and a parametrization of the data points over these patches. In addition, we define the B-spline surface using a surface spline construction, and demonstrate that such an approach leads to an efficient procedure for fitting the surface while maintaining tangent plane continuity. We explore adaptive refinement of the patch network in order to satisfy user-specified error tolerances, and demonstrate our method on both synthetic and real data.


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