“Authoring Augmented Reality: a code-free approach” by Berry, Hikawa, Makino, Suzuki and Furuya

  • ©Rodney Berry, Naoto Hikawa, Mao Makino, Masami Suzuki, and Takashi Furuya



Entry Number: 043


    Authoring Augmented Reality: a code-free approach



    We present an environment that enables nonprogrammers to quickly author interactive augmented reality projects without writing code or waiting to compile. Major changes to models, animation, behaviors and interactivity can be made while the application is running, and the results immediately seen on a HMD or screen. We do this by combining marker-tracking software with Touch Designer, a real-time 3D interactive modelling and animation program.


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    This research was supported in part by a grant through NICT, Japan Project homepage http://www.mis.atr.jp/~rodney/designAR


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