“Austere C3 graphics” by Todd and DeShazo

  • ©Robert Todd and Patrick DeShazo




    Austere C3 graphics



    The MITRE Corporation, a not for profit Federal Contract Research Center (FCRC), has been involved in Command, Control and Communications (C 3) Systems Engineering for the past twenty years. MITRE’s program in support of the Defense Communications Agency (DCA)/Command and Control Technical Center (CCTC) involves planning and systems engineering for the Worldwide Military Command and Control System (WWMCCS). Included as components of the WWMCCS are survivable command centers such as the National Emergency Airborne Command Post (NEACP). MITRE has been involved in the system engineering functions of the NEACP Automatic Data Processing (ADP) system and other austere command posts. A portion of MITRE’s overall system engineering activities included the design of an austere graphics capability for the NEACP ADP system. This paper explains the constraints, problems, needs and solutions to this engineering project. The goal of this paper focuses on selecting a suite of graphics capabilities that can be implemented in an austere computer environment and which can support generic C3 ADP graphics requirements. This paper also focuses on highlighting graphics capabilities that satisfy C3 display needs but are realizable in an austere computer system.


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