“As-Rigid-As-Possible Deformation Transfer for Facial Animation”

  • ©Lucio Moser, David Corral, and Douglas (Doug) Roble

  • ©Lucio Moser, David Corral, and Douglas (Doug) Roble

  • ©Lucio Moser, David Corral, and Douglas (Doug) Roble

  • ©Lucio Moser, David Corral, and Douglas (Doug) Roble

  • ©Lucio Moser, David Corral, and Douglas (Doug) Roble



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    As-Rigid-As-Possible Deformation Transfer for Facial Animation



    We present a novel tool for transferring facial motion capture performance between significantly different characters. This work combines the shape deformation techniques of Deformation Transfer (DT) and As-Rigid-As-Possible (ARAP) into a single formulation by defining rigidity over triangle edge sets as opposed to spokes. Further, it improves them by adding non-uniform rigidity using paintable weights. We examine three important use cases for the tool: adding physically plausible behavior where animation is not available; fixing animation transfer artifacts; and providing plausible deformation around manipulated vertices. By combining Deformation Transfer and As-Rigid-As-Possible, this tool allows users to control the balance between animation fidelity and physically plausible deformation.


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