“ARAnimator: In-situ Character Animation in Mobile AR withUser-defined Motion Gestures” by Ye, Kwan, Su and Fu

  • ©Hui Ye, Kin Chung Kwan, Wanchao Su, and Hongbo Fu




    ARAnimator: In-situ Character Animation in Mobile AR withUser-defined Motion Gestures

Session/Category Title:   Tracking



    Creating animated virtual AR characters closely interacting with real environments is interesting but difficult. Existing systems adopt video see-through approaches to indirectly control a virtual character in mobile AR, making close interaction with real environments not intuitive. In this work we use an AR-enabled mobile device to directly control the position and motion of a virtual character situated in a real environment. We conduct two guessability studies to elicit user-defined motions of a virtual character interacting with real environments, and a set of user-defined motion gestures describing specific character motions. We found that an SVM-based learning approach achieves reasonably high accuracy for gesture classification from the motion data of a mobile device. We present ARAnimator, which allows novice and casual animation users to directly represent a virtual character by an AR-enabled mobile phone and control its animation in AR scenes using motion gestures of the device, followed by animation preview and interactive editing through a video see-through interface. Our experimental results show that with ARAnimator, users are able to easily create in-situ character animations closely interacting with different real environments.

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