“Anime perspective” by Katsura and Anjyo

  • ©Yosuke Katsura and Ken-ichi (Ken) Anjyo




    Anime perspective



    In traditional hand-drawn animation, the perspective view is not geometrically correct, unlike 3DCG. However, this perspective, which we may call anime perspective, is more natural for human eyes, especially for children. In this article, we present two anime perspective projection methods for seamlessly merging 3D models and traditional 2D animation. One is a view dependent deformer, Anime-Pers deformer, which offers functions, for example, of exaggerated scaling of foreground objects and of in-room view effect commonly found in hand-drawn animations. The other is Anime-Lens shader, which is based on a ray casting technique, is used for generating anime perspective images in a distant view.


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