“”Amazing Sketchbook Advance”” by Mizuno and Funahashi

  • ©Shinji Mizuno and Kenji Funahashi

  • ©Shinji Mizuno and Kenji Funahashi

  • ©Shinji Mizuno and Kenji Funahashi



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    "Amazing Sketchbook Advance"



    The authors have been developing an interactive CG creation system “Amazing Sketchbook” in which, a user can create a 3DCG scene composed of many 3DCG objects interactively by drawing a picture in an ordinary physical sketchbook with ordinary physical color pens, and can interact with the 3DCG scene by touching the picture or shaking the sketchbook [Kondo et al. 2013]. “Amazing Sketchbook” does not require any drafts to color in, and a user can create 3DCG scenes from arbitrary handdrawn pictures interactively, unlike other systems with the same concepts [Clark et al. 2011][teamLab 2013].
    The system monitors the sketchbook with a video camera and generates a 3DCG scene by analyzing a frame image of the video camera. The former system separated a picture in each frame image into regions based on colors, and generated 3DCG objects from each region. Therefore, each 3DCG object generated was a single color. In this research, we improve the system to generate a multi-color 3DCG object from a hand-drawn object. We also introduce a method to control a position of the 3DCG object by adding a simple line to the hand-drawn object. The user can generate and deform 3DCG objects interactively by drawing in and shaking the sketchbook like the former system.


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©Shinji Mizuno and Kenji Funahashi


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