“All in-focus light field live with thousands of lenslets” by Ha, Kojima, Takahashi and Naemura

  • ©Jonghyun Ha, Masaru Kojima, Keita Takahashi, and Takeshi Naemura




    All in-focus light field live with thousands of lenslets



    The authors’ group has proposed a 3D live video system named LIFLET (Light Field Live with Thousands of Lenslets) [Yamamoto et al. 2004]. It captures multi-viewpoint images of a 3D dynamic scene with a single camera through thousands of lenslets, and synthesizes arbitrary views of the scene in real time. We have also proposed a method which generates all in-focus views at arbitrary viewpoints from a light field captured by a camera array [Takahashi and Naemura 2004]. In this paper, we introduce an advanced system of LIFLET by combining the above two works. We call it “All in-Focus LIFLET.”


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