“Algebraic Smooth Occluding Contours” by Capouellez, Dai, Hertzmann and Zorin

  • ©Ryan Capouellez, Jiacheng Dai, Aaron Hertzmann, and Denis Zorin




    Algebraic Smooth Occluding Contours

Session/Category Title: Colorful Topics in Imaging




    Computing occluding contours is a key step in 3D non-photorealistic rendering, but producing smooth contours with consistent visibility has been a notoriously-challenging open problem. This paper describes the first general-purpose smooth surface construction for which the occluding contours can be computed in closed form. Given an input mesh and camera viewpoint, we show how to approximate the mesh with a G1 piecewise-quadratic surface, for which the occluding contours are piecewise-rational curves in image-space. We show that this method produces smooth contours with consistent visibility much more efficiently than the state-of-the-art.


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