“Agora — A Collaborative Virtual Learning Environment” by Timpson and Chartrand

  • ©Corey Timpson and Valérie Chartrand

  • ©Corey Timpson and Valérie Chartrand




    Agora — A Collaborative Virtual Learning Environment



    The Virtual Museum of Canada (VMC), developed by the Canadian Heritage Information Network (CHIN), is a portal that brings Canada’s rich and diverse heritage into Canadian homes and schools. The VMC gives member museums the ability to reach Canadians and an international audience via the Internet.  The VMC features a guide to Canadian museum services and events, as well as a large image repository and over 200 virtual exhibits and games. With over 41 million visits from more than 200 countries since its launch in March 2001, the VMC is now established as one of the world’s premier heritage gateways.


    We wish to recognize the Agora core team for their outstanding commitments in working on this concept from research through design and development of the pilot. We also with to thank Suhas Deshpande for editing this paper.


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