“Advanced X3D Graphics” by Daly and Brutzman

  • ©Leonard Daly and Don Brutzman


Entry Number: 06


    Advanced X3D Graphics

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    Knowledge of web-based 3D computer graphics such as VRML or the SIGGRAPH 2002 course Introducing X3D. Ability to work in the Windows PC environment. Beginning to intermediate level knowledge of web technologies: HTML, XML, ECMAScript (JavaScript), etc.

    Advanced web-based 3D graphics with X3D, open-source and proprietary tools for creation of open-standards X3D content, and hands-on development and use of X3D content-creation tools to produce high-quality advanced 3D interactive graphics for multitexturing, animation, interactivity, and scripting (using Script Authoring Interface).

    A review of open-standards X3D content creation tools with an emphasis on open-source code and how to use some of those to tools create advanced 3D graphics. Creation of multi-texturing, animation, interactivity, and scripting effects is demonstrated with an opportunity for participants to create their own effects.


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