“Advanced Topics in Solid Modeling” by Kedem, Mantyla, Sarraga and Shephard

  • ©Gershon Kedem, Martii Mantyla, Ramon Sarraga, and Mark Shephard



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    Advanced Topics in Solid Modeling

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    Who should attend?

    This course is for engineers and computer scientists who are active in solid modeling and for R&D and computer graphics specialists and hardware designers who seek a window into important, active areas in 3-D modeling research.

    Recommended background

    Programming experience, some familiarity with the geometric and graphic algorithms used in solid modeling and some knowledge of computer organization and VLSI design are suggested.

    Course description

    This course will provide tutorial expositions, in some depth, of four topics that are currently important in solid modeling and its applications. The topics will be Euler operations, Curve and surface intersections, generation of finite-element meshes and constructive solid geometry (CSG) oriented VLSI hardware.

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    Pete Segal

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