“Advanced Topics in 3D User Interface Design” by Bowman, Mine, LaViola and Poupyrev

  • ©Doug Bowman, Mark R. Mine, Joseph J. LaViola, and Ivan Poupyrev



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    Advanced Topics in 3D User Interface Design

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    Familiarity with basic concepts in human-computer interaction and/or user interfaces. Basic knowledge of 3D graphics and virtual environments. Knowledge of or experience with simple 3D interaction techniques for navigation, selection and manipulation, and system control.

    Implementation details of fundamental 3D interaction techniques for navigation, selection, manipulation, and system control. Advanced 3D interaction techniques, metaphors, and design strategies. How to integrate interaction techniques into a consistent and usable application. Methods and approaches for usability evaluation and analysis of 3D interaction. 3D interaction in augmented-reality environments.

    3D interaction allows users to perform tasks freely in three dimensions rather than within the limited 2D desktop metaphor of conventional graphical interfaces. This course builds on a SIGGRAPH 2000 Course, “3D User Interface Design: Fundamental Techniques, Theory, and Practice,” to present a more detailed discussion of implementation issues and strategies, including the mathematical basis for various techniques and software tools. It also reviews strategies for 3D interface design, methods for integrating diverse interaction techniques into applications, methods for usability evaluation of 3D interfaces, and 3D interaction in specialized interface styles such as augmented-reality and ubiquitous computing.


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