“Active refocusing of images and videos” by Moreno-Noguer, Belhumeur and Nayar

  • ©Francesc Moreno-Noguer, Peter N. Belhumeur, and Shree K. Nayar




    Active refocusing of images and videos



    We present a system for refocusing images and videos of dynamic scenes using a novel, single-view depth estimation method. Our method for obtaining depth is based on the defocus of a sparse set of dots projected onto the scene. In contrast to other active illumination techniques, the projected pattern of dots can be removed from each captured image and its brightness easily controlled in order to avoid under- or over-exposure. The depths corresponding to the projected dots and a color segmentation of the image are used to compute an approximate depth map of the scene with clean region boundaries. The depth map is used to refocus the acquired image after the dots are removed, simulating realistic depth of field effects. Experiments on a wide variety of scenes, including close-ups and live action, demonstrate the effectiveness of our method.


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