“ABBA Voyage: High Volume Facial Likeness and Performance Pipeline” by Plaete, Bradley, Warner and Zwartouw

  • ©Jo Plaete, Derek Bradley, Paige Warner, and Anthony Zwartouw



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    ABBA Voyage: High Volume Facial Likeness and Performance Pipeline



    For the ABBA: Voyage concert experience, Industrial Light & Magic (ILM) was tasked with digitally time traveling the iconic band′s members Agnetha, Anni-Frida, Björn and Benny back to their prime time appearances. For the duration of this fully computer graphics generated concert four continuous photo-real digital human facial performances had to be synthesised driven by their original current day counterparts and stand-in young actors. This talk will dive into the extensive research and development that was undertaken to cater for high volume facial capture and processing, true-to-likeness face-retargeting and additional techniques for breaking through the uncanny valley.


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