“AaahCam: a tool a small child can use to capture and play with images” by Watanabe

  • ©Jun-ichiro Watanabe

  • ©Jun-ichiro Watanabe




    AaahCam: a tool a small child can use to capture and play with images



    The variety of movie content has been expanding. Not only conventional TV companies but also other companies (e.g., IT companies) or even individuals can “broadcast” movie content using the Internet and a camera. An era in which everyone, even a small child, can broadcast will come in the near future. However, parents may have concerns about the relationship between digital content or the devices used to access them and their children. For example, letting a child watch too much TV may not be good for them. We designed and implemented “AaahCam”, which is a tool that small children can use to capture images and play with them without changing their natural behavior.


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©Jun-ichiro Watanabe ©Jun-ichiro Watanabe

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