“A Vision for Computer Vision: Emerging Technologies” Moderated by Jon Peddie

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    A Vision for Computer Vision: Emerging Technologies





    Computer vision is a rapidly evolving discipline. It includes methods for acquiring, processing, and understanding still images and video to model, replicate, and sometimes, exceed human vision and perform useful tasks. 

    Computer vision will be commonly used for a broad range of services in upcoming devices, and implemented in everything from movies, smartphones, cameras, drones and more. Demand for CV is driving the evolution of image sensors, mobile processors, operating systems, application software, and device form factors in order to meet the needs of upcoming applications and services that benefit from computer vision. The resulting impetus means rapid advancements in: 

    • visual computing performance 
    • object recognition effectiveness 
    • speed and responsiveness 
    • power efficiency 
    • video image quality improvement 
    • real-time 3D reconstruction 
    • pre-scanning for movie animation 
    • image stabilization 
    • immersive experiences 
    • and more… 

    Comprised of innovation leaders of computer vision, this panel will cover recent developments, as well as how CV will be enabled and used in 2016 and beyond. 



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