“A Smoothness Energy Without Boundary Distortion for Curved Surfaces” by Stein, Jacobson, Wardetzky and Grinspun

  • ©Oded Stein, Alec Jacobson, Max Wardetzky, and Eitan Grinspun




    A Smoothness Energy Without Boundary Distortion for Curved Surfaces

Session/Category Title: Geometry Processing



    Current quadratic smoothness energies for curved surfaces either exhibit distortions near the boundary due to zero Neumann boundary conditions or they do not correctly account for intrinsic curvature, which leads to unnatural-looking behavior away from the boundary. This leads to an unfortunate trade-off: One can either have natural behavior in the interior or a distortion-free result at the boundary, but not both. We introduce a generalized Hessian energy for curved surfaces, expressed in terms of the covariant one-form Dirichlet energy, the Gaussian curvature, and the exterior derivative. Energy minimizers solve the Laplace-Beltrami biharmonic equation, correctly accounting for intrinsic curvature, leading to natural-looking isolines. On the boundary, minimizers are as-linear-as-possible, which reduces the distortion of isolines at the boundary. We discretize the covariant one-form Dirichlet energy using Crouzeix-Raviart finite elements, arriving at a discrete formulation of the Hessian energy for applications on curved surfaces. We observe convergence of the discretization in our experiments.

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