“A simulation game for line memorization” by Hanly and Swidersky

  • ©Aidan Hanly and James Swidersky




    A simulation game for line memorization



    Line memorization is a key aspect of the performing arts. Ideally, actors will practice their lines together, as this most closely emulates the actual performance, and is the best way to learn lines. However, circumstances often arise the force actors to learn lines on their own. This is a much more ineffective way of memorizing lines, and existing techniques to help with this usually involve memorization techniques, or significant extra work on the actor’s part. This project aims to solve this problem by utilizing game technology to assist with line memorization. While games are traditionally a medium for entertainment, there is a rising trend in “serious games”, or games which are used to help their players in the real world [Tarja et al. 2007]. This game falls under that category, and is (as far as we know) the first game to specifically address the problem of line memorization.


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