“A Practical Guide to Global Illumination Using Photon Mapping” by Jensen, Christensen, Kato and Suykens

  • ©Henrik Wann Jensen, Per H. Christensen, Toshiaki Kato, and Frank Suykens



Entry Number: 43


    A Practical Guide to Global Illumination Using Photon Mapping

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    Good working knowledge of global-illumination algorithms (in particular Monte Carlo ray-tracing methods).

    Efficient and practical techniques for generating and using photon maps: photon tracing, scattering of photons, building the photon map, rendering of caustics, color bleeding and participating media (including subsurface scattering), use of visual importance, and practical tips to make things more efficient. Review of the latest research in photon mapping and animations that demonstrate the use of photon mapping in movie production.

    A detailed description of the photon-mapping algorithm for efficient simulation of global illumination, including color bleeding, caustics, participating media, and subsurface scattering. The purpose of the course is to provide the practical insight necessary for using and implementing photon mapping.


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