“A Powerful Tiled Display System with only ONE PC” by Wong

  • ©Chee-Kien Gabriyel Wong

  • ©Chee-Kien Gabriyel Wong



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    A Powerful Tiled Display System with only ONE PC



    Tiled display systems usually employ PC clusters or specialized image generation systems that have multiple display channels. The purpose is to provide a high-resolution display of some three-dimensional information. We have designed a powerful and very low-cost tiled display system, in which a PC is used with several commercial-of-the-shelf (COTS) graphics cards (nVidia’s GeForce2MX) to produce the similar display effect as of those from expensive systems.
    This novelty of this design lies in the parallel rendering software framework, which is capable of distributing rendering load amongst the graphics cards, thereby achieving up to three times greater polygon throughput compared to a conventional PC. Although operating systems like Windows support multiple graphics cards for extended display space, it inherently does not implement parallel processing by distributing the rendering load. Each graphics card in the latter case is simply allocated with the entire scene information.


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