“A new approach to procedural character rigs” by Malvarez, Sharp and Unterfranz

  • ©Erik Malvarez, Scotty Sharp, and Stephen Unterfranz




    A new approach to procedural character rigs



    For ‘Horton hears a Who’ the character technical directors at Blue
    Sky Studios developed a new approach to procedural character rigs.
    Many rigging systems reduce or eliminate redundant work by
    importing pre existing components into a character scene or using
    scripts to generate components or entire rigs; our system goes
    several steps further. Essentially an object oriented approach, it
    allows the artist to assemble the template for a character rig
    independently of the character itself. The template exists as a
    network of nodes that defines each component’s attributes and
    functionality, identifies argument joints and surfaces, and
    represents the components’ relationships to each other and to their
    arguments. These highly modular networks offer consistency,
    robustness, and flexibility.

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