“A general purpose graphic system for computer aided design” by Uno and Matsuka

  • ©Sakae Uno and Hideo Matsuka




    A general purpose graphic system for computer aided design



    The experimental Advanced Integrated Designer’s Activity Support (A-IDAS) system is intended to be a base for a total engineering system rather than a pure graphic system. The system provides a database in which graphic data, geometric data and engineering data are stored in a relational data model. It also provides a graphic management facility which can manipulate not only pictures drawn with lines, but those drawn as areas. Areas are represented by crosshatched lines or colors. In more complicated ways, they can be represented as texture or scenery. The system controls two kinds of graphic display devices: a vector display and a raster display. These devices are supported through a device independent user interface when pictures are drawn with lines. With this experimental system, it has been found out that one can develop an engineering system having fairly general purpose capabilities.


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