“A framework for GPU accelerated needle insertion simulation using meshfree methods” by Shahingohar and Eagleson

  • ©Aria Shahingohar and Roy Eagleson



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    A framework for GPU accelerated needle insertion simulation using meshfree methods



    The simulation of needle insertion is an important research area that has many applications in robotic and image guided brachytherapy cancer treatment, biopsies, and neurosurgery. Modeling of soft tissue plays an important role in the needle insertion simulation, but the use of Finite Element Method is complicated due to the need for remeshing in the neighbourhood of the needle tip. We are proposing to use a meshfree method for the tissue deformation modeling, in which new tissue nodes are added on the needle shaft as the needle is inserted into the tissue. In addition, we have utilized Nvidia’s CUDA technology to accelerate the methods used in our framework.


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