“A Fortran IV program to draw enhanced graphic characters” by Wolcott and McCrackin

  • ©N. M. Wolcott and F. L. McCrackin




    A Fortran IV program to draw enhanced graphic characters



    A FORTRAN subroutine SYMBEL is described which enables the drawing of the enhanced graphic characters of Dr. A. V. Hershey on any digital plotting device. Output is by linkage to an external subroutine PLOT. The program operates on any computer with integer binary arithmetic and at least a 30 bit word length.


    1. A. V. Hershey,ComputerGraphics and Image Processing,Vol l.,pp 373-385 (1972)
    2. N. M. Wolcott and J. Hilsenrath,NBS Special Publication 424,”Tables of Coordinates for Hershey’s Repertory of Occidental Type Fonts and Graphic Symbols”, U. S. Government Printing Office, 1976

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