“A deformation transformer for real-time cloth animation” by Feng, Yu and Kim

  • ©Wei-Wen Feng, Yizhou Yu, and Byung-Uck Kim




    A deformation transformer for real-time cloth animation



    Achieving interactive performance in cloth animation has significant implications in computer games and other interactive graphics applications. Although much progress has been made, it is still much desired to have real-time high-quality results that well preserve dynamic folds and wrinkles. In this paper, we introduce a hybrid method for real-time cloth animation. It relies on data-driven models to capture the relationship between cloth deformations at two resolutions. Such data-driven models are responsible for transforming low-quality simulated deformations at the low resolution into high-resolution cloth deformations with dynamically introduced fine details. Our data-driven transformation is trained using rotation invariant quantities extracted from the cloth models, and is independent of the simulation technique chosen for the lower resolution model. We have also developed a fast collision detection and handling scheme based on dynamically transformed bounding volumes. All the components in our algorithm can be efficiently implemented on programmable graphics hardware to achieve an overall real-time performance on high-resolution cloth models.


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