“A Crash Course in Creative Digital Media for the Community” by Rowland

  • ©Chris Rowland

  • ©Chris Rowland




    A Crash Course in Creative Digital Media for the Community



    As we race into the third millennium, we can look back on the 20th century as being revolutionary in many areas, not least in the development of new technology designed to improve the human experience. The emergence and rapid development of computing technology has led to automation of many mundane repetitive tasks, leaving more time for creative thought and leisure activity on the one hand and increases in productivity on the other.

    The age of information is in full flow. In Scotland, the economy has moved from heavy industry, such as shipbuilding and engineering in the first half of the last century, to information technology and electronics in the latter. Silicon Glen has taken a firm grip on the knowledge-based economy.

    In Glasgow, one of the longest-established creative institutions is the Glasgow School of Art. Opened originally as the Government School of Design in 1845, the school was re-housed in 1899 in its current home, the Charles Rennie Mackintosh-designed Glasgow School of Art building. The school has continued to contribute to the growth and development of the city throughout the 20th century.


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