“A computer aid for man machine modelling” by Kingsley, Schofield and Case

  • ©E. C. Kingsley, Norman A. Schofield, and K. Case




    A computer aid for man machine modelling



    Computer aids for design ignore, in general, one of the critical areas in present day society. This is the workplace, where men and machines interact to produce goods or generate services with a mixture of social, economic and industrial objectives. This paper describes the SAMMIE (System for Aiding Man Machine Interaction Evaluation) Computer Aided Design System, which provides the designer with a wide range of aids including ones specifically for the evaluation of ergonomic criteria. A three-dimensional workplace model may be displayed on the screen of a graphics terminal linked to a minicomputer. To this workplace model, a Man Model of variable anthropometry can be added, enabling the workplace to be evaluated against criteria such as those relating to the operator’s reach, vision, and fit capabilities. The system has been used in a wide range of applications including vehicles and aircraft, materials handling equipment, large assembly jigs, commercial and industrial interiors. Examples from some of these are shown illustrating the facilities of the system.


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