“A ball type vibro-tactile space mouse using one web camera”




    A ball type vibro-tactile space mouse using one web camera


    A mouse is a useful input device which helps a user to do some tasks using computers with ease. Recently, many 3-dimensional input devices were developed using various kinds of sensors, e.g., gyro-sensors, acceleration sensors, magnetic sensors, ultrasonic sensors, and image sensors, etc. We developed a ball type space mouse which use a web camera to sense the spatial position of the device and can give some vibro-tactile stimulation on the user’s fingertip. By using a web camera, we tracked the ball(circle), covered with a certain color, as a marker. The diameter of the ball type mouse is 4cm, and all the circuits for controlling the vibro-tactile device and wireless communication with the host computer and a battery to supply the power are integrated in the ball.


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