“3D User Interfaces for Virtual Reality and Games: 3D Selection, Manipulation, and Spatial Navigation” by LaViola and Kruijff

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    3D User Interfaces for Virtual Reality and Games: 3D Selection, Manipulation, and Spatial Navigation

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    In this course, we will take a detailed look at different topics in the field of 3D user interfaces (3DUIs) for Virtual Reality and Gaming. With the advent of Augmented and Virtual Reality in numerous application areas, the need and interest in more effective interfaces becomes prevalent, among others driven forward by improved technologies, increasing application complexity and user experience requirements. Within this course, we highlight key issues in the design of diverse 3DUIs by looking closely into both simple and advanced 3D selection/manipulation and spatial navigation interface design topics. These topics are highly relevant, as they form the basis for most 3DUI-driven application, yet also can cause major issues (performance, usability, experience. motion sickness) when not designed properly as they can be difficult to handle. Within this course, we build on top of a general understanding of 3DUIs to discuss typical pitfalls by looking closely at theoretical and practical aspects of selection, manipulation, and navigation and highlight guidelines for their use.

    Some background in creating VR and gaming experiences would be helpful.


    Intended Audience
    Our intended audience includes developers, researchers, psychologists, and user-experience professionals who want to adopt new ways of interacting in virtual reality using state-of-the-art 3D user interface design strategies, ranging from 3D selection and manipulation to spatial navigation.

    By participating in two consecutive and logically interlinked sessions covering diverse 3D selection/manipulation and spatial navigation topics, participants will acquire necessary knowledge and skills to design, develop, and validate 3D interfaces and techniques for virtual reality and gaming systems.


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