“3D Facial Geometry Analysis and Estimation Using Embedded Optical Sensors on Smart Eyewear” by Asano, Sugiura, Masai and Sugimoto


Entry Number: 45


    3D Facial Geometry Analysis and Estimation Using Embedded Optical Sensors on Smart Eyewear



    Facial performance capture is used for animation production that projects a performer’s facial expression to a computer graphics model. Retro-reflective markers and cameras are widely used for the performance capture. To capture expressions, we need to place markers on the performer’s face and calibrate the intrinsic and extrinsic parameters of cameras in advance. However, the measurable space is limited to the calibrated area. In this study, we propose a system to capture facial performance using a smart eyewear with photo-reflective sensors and machine learning technique. Also, we show a result of principal components analysis of facial geometry to determine a good estimation parameter set.


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    This research was partially supported by JST CREST (JPMJCR14E1) and JSPS KAKENHI (16H05870).