“2D Additive and Dynamic Shadows” by Bruneau and Serera

  • ©Benjamin Bruneau and Matthias Segui Serera

  • ©Benjamin Bruneau and Matthias Segui Serera

  • ©Benjamin Bruneau and Matthias Segui Serera



Entry Number: 01


    2D Additive and Dynamic Shadows



    In most 2D video games, shadows are directly integrated (baked) onto character animation sprites. With the success of HD games, we had to find a solution to reduce the space reserved by the multitude of HD sprites in memory. The 2D animated bones (Rayman Legends, Adobe After Effect, League of Legends Launcher) uses a decomposed and deformed sprite to create animations. With this technology, we cannot integrate the shadows directly on the sprites. We have to create a new system that allows a real time shadow baking regarding the sprite volumes. We propose a technology for real-time dynamic shadows on deformable sprites.


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