SIGGRAPH 2016: Keynotes


    Z. Nagin Cox
    NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (NASA JPL)

    “I am truly excited to be at SIGGRAPH 2016. No missions of space exploration would be possible without the technologies of computer graphics and the human/robotic interactions they enable. I am very much looking forward to sharing stories of discovery with an audience whose innovations will drive missions of the future.”

    Dare to Do Mighty Things: Exploring Beyond the Earth
    Since the beginning of time, people have looked up at the night sky and wondered at the frontiers of our knowledge. While there are examples of solitary human exploration, most endeavors that push boundaries involve teams of people working together for a common goal. Robotic space missions are no different — they are defined by the passion of the people who build, launch, and send them out into the dark void to make great discoveries.

    Z. Nagin Cox, NASA JPL Spacecraft Operations Engineer, shares stories of NASA missions that cut through earthly political and cultural issues, redefine persistence in engineering and technology, make us rethink our place in the universe, and remind us that robotic explorations of the solar system and beyond symbolize all that humankind can do together.

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