SIGGRAPH 2012: SIGGRAPH Business Symposium

SIGGRAPH Business Symposium Chair:


    In its second year, the SIGGRAPH Business Symposium provides an intimate, interactive forum for discussion of the business of our business from a high-level, experiential vantage point. This full-day experience brings together leaders, creators, global business entrepreneurs, legal professionals, artists, financiers, producers, and executives from a broad spectrum of computer graphics, animation, education, motion pictures, gaming, and visual effects to explore the present and future of our industry and community.

    The day provides a welcoming, neutral setting for open, frank conversations among the producers and executives who now design our direction. All the speakers have forged unique paths to their current roles. The morning session provides a foundation for the day, an opportunity to hear from leaders on the global stage just what they experience from their particular vantage points. The afternoon session is a look into newer business models from some of the people and companies defining the future. Two featured speakers, visionary leaders who influence the direction of our industry in vastly different manners, set the stage for the in-depth discussions. And throughout the entire experience, attendees will have plenty of opportunity to interact with their peers – the leaders and visionaries who guiding our community and our industry.

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