SIGGRAPH 2003: Keynotes


    Anthony Lasenby
    “Modeling the Cosmos: The Shape of the Universe”

    Cambridge University astrophysicist Anthony Lasenby studies the shape and evolution of the universe. In the SIGGRAPH 2003 keynote address, he shares the fascination of this research in a presentation aimed at all levels and backgrounds. It includes a new geometric model that has surprising implications for cosmology and how we view and model the universe around us.

    Immediately before the keynote address, ACM SIGGRAPH presents three awards:

    Significant New Researcher Award
    Mathieu Desbrun
    University of Southern California

    Computer Graphics Achievement Award
    Peter Schröder
    California Institute of Technology

    Steven Anson Coons Award for Outstanding Creative Contributions to Computer Graphics
    Pat Hanrahan
    Stanford University

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