SIGGRAPH 2001: Keynotes


    Danny Hillis, chairman and chief technology officer of Applied Minds, Inc. and co-chairman of The Long Now Foundation, presents the SIGGRAPH 2001 keynote address:

    The Big Picture
    As technological change continues to deliver new marvels and new possibilities, it is easy to lose track of the larger perspective. Technological progress, in particular the evolution of computer graphics, can best be understood as part of the bigger story of the evolution of human intelligence and its relationship to the natural world.

    Immediately before the keynote address, ACM SIGGRAPH presents the Significant New Researcher Award to Paul E. Debevec, USC Institute for Creative Technologies; Computer Graphics Achievement Award to Andrew Witkin, Pixar Animation Studios; and the 2001 Steven Anson Coons Award for Outstanding Creative Contributions to Computer Graphics to Lance J. Williams, Walt Disney Feature Animation.

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