2002 Talks: Lyons_Calming Visual Spaces: Learning from Kyoto Zen Gardens

“Calming visual spaces: learning from Kyoto Zen gardens” by Lyons, Tonder, Shortreed and Tetsutani

2002 Talks: Min_A 2D Sketch Interface for a 3D Model Search Engine

“A 2D sketch interface for a 3D model search engine” by Min, Chen and Funkhouser

2002 Talks: Somasundaram_3D Reconstruction Of Walking Behaviour Using A Single Camera

“3D reconstruction of walking behaviour using a single camera” by Somasundaram and Parent

2002 Talks: Thomason_3D Layout and Propagation of Environmental Phenomena for Ice Age

“3D layout and propagation of environmental phenomena for Ice Age” by Thomason and Cavaleri

2002 Talks: Han_3D Haptic Shape Perception Using a 2D Device

“3D haptic shape perception using a 2D device” by Han, Yamashita and Fujishiro

2002 Talks: Petri_3D Browser for Interactive Television

“3D browser for interactive television” by Petri, Olli, Hannu and Risto

2002 Talks: Cooper_2D/3D Hybrid Character Animation on “Spirit”

“2D/3D hybrid character animation on “Spirit”” by Cooper

2002 Talks: Peers_Accurate Image Based Re-lighting through Optimization

“Accurate image based re-lighting through optimization”

2002 Talks: Alberti_A semiotic approach to narrative manipulation

“A semiotic approach to narrative manipulation” by Alberti, Maggiorini and Trapani

2002 Talks: Price_A Virtual Reconstruction of the Cone Sisters’ Apartments

“A virtual reconstruction of the Cone sisters’ apartments” by Price and Bailey

2002 Talks: Buhler_A Phenomenological Model for Bokeh Rendering

“A phenomenological model for bokeh rendering” by Buhler and Wexler

2002 Talks: Salvador_A new Interface for the Virtual World Foot Motion Sensing Input Device.

“A new interface for the virtual world foot motion sensing input device” by Salvador, Takahashi and Nakajima

2002 Talks: François_A Handheld Virtual Mirror

“A handheld virtual mirror” by François, Kang and Malesci

2002 Talks: Oshita_A Dynamic Motion Control Middleware for Computer Games

“A dynamic motion control middleware for computer games” by Oshita and Makinouchi

2002 Talks: Skog_Bringing Computer Graphics to Everyday Environments with Informative Art

“Bringing computer graphics to everyday environments with informative art”

2002 SIGGRAPH Image Not Available

“Body building through weight training: using fitting techniques for skin animation” by Wang and Phillips

2002 Talks: Gromala_BioMorphic Typography

“BioMorphic typography” by Brunnberg and Ollila

2002 Talks: Brunnberg_Backseat Gaming: augmented reality with speed

“Backseat gaming: augmented reality with speed” by Mao, Nagasaka and Imamiya

2002 Talks: Mao_Automatic Generation of Pencil Drawing Using LIC

“Automatic generation of pencil drawing using LIC” by Dobler, Haller and Stampfl

2002 Talks: Dobler_ASR - Augmented Sound Reality

“ASR: augmented sound reality” by Sharon

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