“When Children Draw in 3D” by Varela

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    When Children Draw in 3D

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    SIGKids Community Outreach



    In this project, children’s drawings are used to create a 3D animation. It begins with a workshop that asks children a series of questions about a story: Who is this story about? What is it about? Where does it develop? The workshop results are used to prepare a script, then the script is adapted for a storyboard, and the children draw the characters and places where the story happens.  

    Portions of the children’s drawings (for example, the legs of one drawing, the head of another, and the ears of a third) are combined and scanned, then colored by the children. The colors are used as textures for elements of the story, and the scans are used to make the 3D forms.  

    Finally, the storyboard scenes are prepared for animation, and characters, locations, cameras, lights, and other elements are organized to form the final edition of the story.  

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