“Trios: Stylistic Rendering of 3D Photos” by Bath, Shekhar, Tjabben, Semmo, Pasewaldt, et al. …

  • ©Ulrike Bath, Sumit Shekhar, Hendrik Tjabben, Amir Semmo, Sebastian Pasewaldt, Jürgen Döllner, and Matthias Trapp



    Trios: Stylistic Rendering of 3D Photos



    3D photography has emerged as a medium that provides an immersive dimension to 2D photos. We present Trios, an interactive mobile app that combines the vividness of image-based artistic rendering with 3D photos by implementing an end-to-end pipeline for their generation and stylization. Trios uses Apple’s accelerated image-processing APIs and dedicated Neural Engine for depth-generation and learning-based artistic rendering. The pipeline runs at interactive frame rates and outputs a compact video, which can easily be shared. Thus, it serves as a unique interactive tool for digital artists interested in creating immersive artistic content. 


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