“Touch Light Through the Leaves: A Tactile Display for Light and Shadow” by Nishimura, Suzuki and Hirose

  • ©Kunihiro Nishimura, Yasuhiro Suzuki, and Michitaka Hirose


Entry Number: 23


    Touch Light Through the Leaves: A Tactile Display for Light and Shadow



    You can feel something good and comfortable when you turn your palms up and the light falling onto your palms through the trees. ”Touch Light Through the Leaves” begins from an imagination which we can touch the light through the leaves. We propose ”Touch Light Through the Leaves”. It is a novel tactile camera display which can change visible information into tactile. It is not only a sensor of light and shadow but also a tactile display. You can feel the transition of light and shadow by your palms directly with it. You can touch the light and also can be touched by the light. Sound-Lens [Iwai 2001] is based on a similar idea. You can hear light with it. It can change light to sound.

    In terms of a tactile display, there are several kinds of tactile display. For making tactile sensation to a palm, the way to use an air pressure with a speaker is proposed. An idea to make a tactile sensation to a palm is the same as our proposal [Hashimoto and Kajimoto 2008]. In terms of a tactile display for conveying information, the Optacon (Optical Tactile Converter) is one example. It consists of a small camera and pin display. It can convey information for blind people. We developed this idea and generate an entertainment and art device.

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