“Tinker” by Ward, David and Bucarey

  • ©Lou Ward, Cristopher David, and Lara Bucarey


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    Real-Time Immersive



    Tinker defines a new genre of storytelling called storyliving. Through interactive and embodied immersive experiences, participants can connect with narrative in a more meaningful way. In this live, bespoke virtual reality theatre experience, the participant becomes the main character of the story. Based upon the true story of Director Lou Ward and his relationship with his grandfather who developed Alzheimer’s disease, Tinker places the participant in the role of the grandchild so that Ward’s story, in turn, becomes their own. Over time, the participant creates new memories alongside their grandfather in his workshop, and their connection to the grandfather and the story grows stronger with time. Tinker is a cornerstone in compelling storyliving experiences; moreover, it is because of how it is designed that participants feel connected to the story.

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©Lou Ward, Cristopher David, and Lara Bucarey

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