“The Virtual Space Fortress” by Russo and Bonilla

  • ©Trish Russo and Victor Bonilla


Entry Number: 34


    The Virtual Space Fortress

Program Title:

    Digital Bayou




    In this interactive and immersive virtual 3D edition of a 2D computer game, a lone spacecraft encounters aggressive forces in a virtual galaxy complete with star clusters, dark matter, and simple relativistic effects. The participant uses a 3D mouse to navigate a high-speed craft through interstellar space toward an intergalactic space fortress. It is no easy task to reach this fortress target. The intervening space contains closely packed and tethered explosive mines deployed by hostile forces.

    This navigational task places heavy demands on the situational awareness of the participant, who is continually challenged to track egocentric and geographic locations within the space. The participant is required to respond to localized 3D audio inquiries and manage virtual graphical controls.


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