“The Virtual Archaeologist” by Masuda

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    The Virtual Archaeologist

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    SIGKids Community Outreach



    Developed for an archaeological museum in Nara prefecture, Japan, this kiosk program introduces young visitors to the world of archaeology. Nara prefecture is well-known for its historical artifacts. In ancient times, it was the capital of Japan. One of the most important objectives of this software is to inspire newer generations and help them understand the value and significance of archaeological studies.

    At this type of museum, visitors usually see already-unearthed artifacts. The real excitement in archaeology, however, is in the actual process of searching out historical clues. In this interactive kiosk, visitors experience this “excitement” as they become detectives to solve “historical mysteries buried in the ground.

    The kiosk uses “push” technologies in an “interactive document.” Sometimes the software automatically opens up new pages and spontaneously conveys information to the users, who then feel as though they are discovering clues and mysteries.

    The software includes eight historical periods from the primitive to the mod- ern age, though it emphasizes the Age of the Ancient Burial Mounds (third to sixth century AD), when Nara was the center of Japan.

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