“The Sound of Touch: A Wand and Texture Kit for Sonic Exploration” by Merrill and Raffle

  • ©David Merrill and Hayes Raffle

  • ©David Merrill and Hayes Raffle


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    The Sound of Touch: A Wand and Texture Kit for Sonic Exploration




    In this paper we describe the Sound of Touch, a new instrument for real-time capture and sensitive physical stimulation of sound samples using digital convolution. Our hand-held wand can be used to (1) record sound, then (2) brush, scrape, strike or otherwise physically manipulate this sound against physical objects. These actions produce sound in a manner that leverages peoples existing intuitions about sonic properties of physical materials. The Sound of Touch permits real-time exploitation of the sonic properties of a physical environment, to achieve a rich and expressive control of digital sound that is not typically possible in electronic sound synthesis and control systems.

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