“The Interactive FogScreen” by Rakkolainen, Landkammer, Laitinen, Piiro and Palovuori

  • ©Ismo Rakkolainen, Jan Landkammer, Markku Laitinen, Mika Piiro, and Karri Palovuori

  • ©Ismo Rakkolainen, Jan Landkammer, Markku Laitinen, Mika Piiro, and Karri Palovuori


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    The Interactive FogScreen



    The FogScreen is an immaterial projection screen that consists of air and a little humidity, and enables high-quality projected images in thin air. Objects and images appear to float in mid-air, and touching or walking through them enhances the impression, as the screen feels just like air. One nice feature is the possibility to project different images on both sides without interfering each other.

    FogScreen‘s basic patented technology presents numerous possible applications, sizes, forms, versions, and technical extensions. For example computer vision-based finger tracking enables to employ finger as a mouse. The FogScreen then becomes an immaterial computer touch screen with nearly unlimited applications.

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